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Marketing Strategy Research

Message strategy
Customer segmentation
Media mix
Test advertising
Brand positioning

In-store experience
Channel selection
Customer service evaluations
Trade area profile


Test product features
Bundling of features
Concept screening

Price expectations
Pricing models
Pricing for bundled products
Competitive pricing audits

Brand Equity Measurement
Given the amount of money spent supporting and building a brand, it is critical that companies measure the amount of equity they have established in their brand.

That’s why RTS Marketing Research developed the Brand Equity Index to help companies measure and understand the underlying elements of their brand equity.

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Customer Experience Audits

What do you see?  A rabbit or a duck?


When your customers look at your product or service, do they see the same thing you do?
An audit of your customer’s experience can tell you what they see when they look at your company.

Through a variety of methodologies, RTS Marketing Research can help your company better understand what your customer’s experience is like. A typical Customer Experience Audit will include:

  • Ethnographic interviews
  • Customer focus groups
  • Customer surveys

Customer Loyalty Audits

Advance measurement beyond customer satisfaction. Determine how to drive customer loyalty.

Y Axis: Value Index.  A measurement that indicates how valuable each customer is to the company.

X Axis: Loyalty Index: A composite measurement that moves well beyond mere satisfaction.


Traditional customer satisfaction surveys are not enough anymore. Mere satisfaction does not drive repeat business. Businesses today need to know what makes a customer loyal.
A audit of your existing customers’ loyalties can help you understand how and what to communicate.

RTS Marketing Research can help your company better understand what drives your customers’ loyalty and how best to grow your base of loyal customers. A typical Customer Loyalty Audit will include:

  • Customer surveys
  • Customer focus groups
  • Mystery shopping

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